Poetry, tribute

Tribute to Chester Bennington

The time has come so early

I can’t even believe

When our loved one and dearly

Is no more here for us to relieve
I know you had a hard time

In life but somehow you held on

Sometimes you were sad and not fine

Still you never let your spirit be gone
The songs you’ve written

Always showed how depressed you were

They were a picture of your memories

Which you always faced and feared
These songs we could always relate

They were our all time mate

Though we didn’t know

In between how gracefully you concealed your sorrows
We used to get so crazy and mad

Whenever we heard your songs

Now they’ll always remind us of you being sad

Wondering your decision was right or wrong
It makes me wonder

Life is full of storms and thunder

No matter how hard you try

A time comes when you’ve to say good bye
So finally you’ve said goodbye

Took the road and disappeared

The love for you will stay forever

And your reputation will never be smeared
Now the fight is over

The sorrows are no more

When you hanged yourself to death

When you took the last breath.
Leaving us all  bereaved and shocked

It’s because when you find someone dead about whom last night you’ve talked

I remember when we used to walk alone in the dark

We had only one companion that’s Linkin Park
By Garima Stylus


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