(Sun rays entering the room, fall on the girl’s face and she wakes up with a smile on her face forgetting all about last night. Because she is a girl who never gives up.

Everyday is a new beginning and we’ve to keep going.)

When I got off my bed I rushed downstairs to see where’s mom. And guess what I found! Bottles of wine lying everywhere, messed up furniture like some mischievous kids have fought here, flower vase that was once new is broken now and more such things that can easily tell you how the party last night been. 

I looked across the hall to find mumma but couldn’t. It made me stressed, I searched everywhere in the house and finally she’s there lying on a couch in the balcony, half asleep, looks like she’s having headache because of the hangover.  

Gosh! I’m literally fed up with such kinda life. I don’t really remember when my mom and I had a good conversation. 

It’s been 4 years since my father died. I really miss him. I really miss those days. I know this is the reason behind mom’s pain. And I can do nothing. Whenever I look at her I feel so helpless, wish I could do something to make feel alive again. 

( Tring tring)

The phone rang. I picked up and Pogo on the other side,” Where are you? I’m waiting for an hour. You were supposed to be here by 9 and it’s already 10.” ( Her rath is not baseless, I’ve to admit). 

“Sweetie, I’m really sorry. Just 15 mins I’ll there.” I tried to apologize. 

“What 15 minutes more!!?”,she exasperated. “I’ll be there , I’ll be there .” I assured her. “Ok, come fast.”she finally agreed.

I had to reach university on time so I gave mom required pills and made her rest in bed.

“I’ll be back soon mom, you take rest.” I kissed her forehead and left.
                                         TO BE CONTINUED…


The Queendom 


“Zennie, open the door.” a shouting voice in anger knocked at my door.

“No.” I replied .

“Why? You’re creating a scene. You must return to the party and join others.” again the same voice.

“No mom no, I’m not joining the party. I don’t want to be a part of your world.” I annoyingly replied.

“Ok, then do what you want to do.” She shouted again and went back to the party. And I was left alone in this dark room. From outside came noice I couldn’t bear. So I hid my head under the pillow like always. I wept and nobody could hear it. That night and all other nights I had the same thing happened to me again and again. Since my dad died things have changed to worst. My mom’s a drunken lady can’t see how men are exploiting her. I love her but she can’t see it. She is blind in his love, in Patrick’s love.

I wish I could tell her , show her the truth. I need her love but I’m alone.

All these thoughts surrounded my head and once again a dark night ended.


You’re the reason behind my rage

You’re the one who locked me up in a cage

Thinking it was all good for you, for your mind

You made me believe in your love and turned me blind

When I needed you, you just backed off

Now why are you back, just piss off

I’ve moved on, glad I did

You ruined the picture, once it was candid

Life sucks when people like you are there

Angelic people a dream, are honestly mere

Players like you can only play

You can never be the one who’ll save my day

My rage is because of you, for you

Run fast because I’m going to engulf you like the blues

Now I want to see that expression of fear on your face

Which can be usually seen on someone while loosing the race

I want you to lock yourself in a cage

Because nobody really exists whi can save you from my rage.

– Garima Stylus

Say No To Ex

And here’s your ex

Talking about sex

Says you meant everything to him

When he never really cared for you within

Yeah! Definitely he’s good at making excuses

But he did forget that you know he lusts for every other girl that amuses

Now suddenly he’s a bit caring about you

Wants to give you company, little bit cheesy about you

He opened his mind without fear

It’s not your fault my dear

You should have reacted

When you knew he just acted

He acted, he pretended to love

But his actions, his actions are enough

Enough to tell you what’s wrong

It’s time to prove yourself strong

He didn’t tremble saying after

“I want you to be my sex partner”

Then why you girl are afraid?

Just look at yourself , you aren’t dead

Speak up, let them hear your voice

He will continue to break until these whispers turn into noise 

He said,” I know you’re depressed.

Trust me, sex is the solution my friend”

Literally, he’s gonna make you hate yourself

So kill those dreams in his mind that dwell

You, yes you’re the only one

Who can protect, defend you from such ghost

So girl hit him harder where it hurts the most .

– Garima Stylus

Her eyes are enough illusionary to dupe

She has a talent to make you lost in the loop

Her enchanting smile will give you thrills

She dances in the sunshine like daffodils
But she has a darker side

So many secrets to hide

Beware! Don’t chase her to death

She will  definitely take away your breath.

– Garima Stylus

Come on let’s play a game

Cross your fingers

And say my name

Close your eyes

Until I hide

Then shout out loud

To have me by your side

Turn around

Let’s lay on the ground

Look what I see!

Up high in the sky

It seems like an angel

Trust me I’m not lying….

Close your eyes

I’ll show you some magic

Open your eyes

Life is no more tragic.

– Garima Stylus

If I say I’m losing my soul

Will you, will you just make me feel alive?

If I say I’ve written a song

Will you sing it with me along the mile?

My words may not sound that good

But maybe they touch your heart touchwood.

If you play the rhythm of your heart

I’ll dance on it even if there’s dark

With your and my broken pieces

We’ll build a castle  that eases

Our pain and our love

The walls will be your arms and ceiling will be the sky above….

– Garima Stylus

Don’t Fancy Me

I don’t want you to fancy me

I don’t want you to see me

Because I don’t want myself to remember

The things you pretend to do 

but you never

I thought destiny has foresee

Our love was meant to be

But I was wrong

Pretended to be strong

To fight your fake love

And reach the skies above

You felt no guilt

When you left me alone

All the castles that I built

Were build in air for sure

My restless soul 

Kept me close to you

The love that was never getting old

Was actually supposed nothing to you

Now I’m afraid to love

Afraid to be loved

Lost in the badlands

Because time has slipped from my hands.

– Garima Stylus

The Last Chance

I only urged for the last chance

The last chance was never granted

It was all I ever wanted….

I think I deserved it

For the way we preserved it

For the love we had

I hope the feelings never become dead…

Just give me one last chance

For we never faked our romance….

– Garima Stylus


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