Day 3

What about us?

I ask myself and then there is deep silence and high tides getting more and more high in my mind. My soul getting entangled in deep chaos and my brain denies to think. I’m going in deep unconsciousness and seems like I’ll drown and no one will ever offer a hand for me to hold, for me to escape this ocean of sorrows. Life was never so drastic. I think I’m already in the hell. Because what could be more worse than staying apart from you. I’m here, not more than a statue that can breathe but can’t exist. We’ll pay all dues, we’ll pay all our responsibilities but what about us?

This darkness is so intense and it’s overcoming all over my mind, body, soul and heart. I’ve no where to go. No one’s listening to me.

What about us? 

Whenever I ask myself. There is a deep silence.
But don’t forget there’s always a deep silence before it comes the hurricane.

Because my silence is my strongest attack.
No chance, no scope to escape.
By Garima Stylus


Day 2

All the wishes and dreams I had are crushed. There is no more hope but still if God exists, he has to fulfill this. He has given me life and now taking it suddenly from me. I’m not ready, I never was, I never will. Why? Why you want my precious gift? You yourself sent a guardian angel for me and now when I’m used to him, devoted myself completely you’re snatching him from me. Again I’ll be lost and you’ll send one more angel. But tell me, is it fair? Is this the justice? First you hurt someone and then apply ointment and guess what life is balanced.  But you know, you’ll lose one of your innocent child. If it really hurts then look at this and find a solution.

– Garima Stylus



I didn’t deserve it, I guess

Life was like the game of chess

And I was the knight

Dancing on the fingers of you, Alas!

I had my armour, my sword

But to use it for myself

I couldn’t afford

Like a concrete statue

I stood their silent, suffering for you

You didn’t see what was wrong

‘Cause you’re busy in making yourself strong.

Sorry for being such a mess

I support the one who was my jazz

I gave tears, I gave him a fear

And sorries aren’t enough to help you out

That’s why I decided to disappear.
By Garima Stylus



Hell, it does exist. We all feel it at times. When the chains on us can’t be broken and they leave us all damp in blood. We strive with all our force and cause more harm to ownself. We scream, sob, weep, pray, regret and every possible thing we can do. But it all goes worthless. Like our voice isn’t reaching the almighty. Like we’re bring punished for our sins. Like karma is paying off. But don’t we deserve a chance to change it all? Don’t we have the right to feel the world as we want? No, maybe. That’s why several of innocent people git buried under the walls and no one could ever find them. Thousands of people died and no one could explain why? Because hell, it’s here, there where you’re suffering. Inside you. Your aching heart can’t find the way and the brain denies to cooperate.

By @garima_stylus


Your voice is a soother, soother of my soul. Your voice is a healer, healer of my wounds. I’ve dived deep down the ocean but haven’t found a pearl like you. I’ve reached high in the sky but haven’t found an angel like you. I cried, shed tears, no one cared but only you was there. My screams sounded like a lullaby to them but caressed my soul and taught me how to be calm. I’m ugly they said but you brought out the beauty of me. Devils laughed but their demons deceived them. And then I found a new empire where we had the freedom to live.

By @garimastylus


Day 1

I’m at that point of my life where stories written by my ownself feels so strange. I could not relate to them. My soul wanting to dance has struck by a glance which is holding me tightly and not letting go. The winds were once so lovable to me, now they bring a strange chaos inside me. I’m losing control over myself and no one can understand. Once I used to love myself but now it’s like it was all useless. I craved for your presence and they gifted me just emptiness. 

Feels like I’ll get lost in the dark world again and no one, no one could be the helping hand.

By @garimastylus 

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The Queendom


(Sun rays entering the room, fall on the girl’s face and she wakes up with a smile on her face forgetting all about last night. Because she is a girl who never gives up.

Everyday is a new beginning and we’ve to keep going.)

When I got off my bed I rushed downstairs to see where’s mom. And guess what I found! Bottles of wine lying everywhere, messed up furniture like some mischievous kids have fought here, flower vase that was once new is broken now and more such things that can easily tell you how the party last night been. 

I looked across the hall to find mumma but couldn’t. It made me stressed, I searched everywhere in the house and finally she’s there lying on a couch in the balcony, half asleep, looks like she’s having headache because of the hangover.  

Gosh! I’m literally fed up with such kinda life. I don’t really remember when my mom and I had a good conversation. 

It’s been 4 years since my father died. I really miss him. I really miss those days. I know this is the reason behind mom’s pain. And I can do nothing. Whenever I look at her I feel so helpless, wish I could do something to make feel alive again. 

( Tring tring)

The phone rang. I picked up and Pogo on the other side,” Where are you? I’m waiting for an hour. You were supposed to be here by 9 and it’s already 10.” ( Her rath is not baseless, I’ve to admit). 

“Sweetie, I’m really sorry. Just 15 mins I’ll there.” I tried to apologize. 

“What 15 minutes more!!?”,she exasperated. “I’ll be there , I’ll be there .” I assured her. “Ok, come fast.”she finally agreed.

I had to reach university on time so I gave mom required pills and made her rest in bed.

“I’ll be back soon mom, you take rest.” I kissed her forehead and left.
                                         TO BE CONTINUED…