A Day Well Spent

A day well spent with you Will be remembered all life long Things we’ve done Will be sung in a beautiful song…. Rainy weather, mumbling together Holding your hands With eyes in eyes I hope the moment would have happened twice… A day got well spent When all the things were unplanned The moments are […]

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Taj Mahal

And when she was busy in Admiring the great wonder He had a magical grin On his face like thunder She was wondering Is eternal love real? He was preparing himself To make her feel the zeal… This is how destiny has planned Their journey unexplained They held their hands And succeeded to sustain…. It […]

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Black Isn’t black It’s a mixture of hundreds of colours Thousands of emotions And my tears in unequal proportions….. So deep It’s so deep You can’t bring me back I’m stuck in black…. It’s dark and intense  Shinier at a glance As you see, your eyes may blink And you can’t find the things that […]

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In the frame of my heart I kept you alive You were a deep sea in which  I couldn’t dive Only I could see my reflection getting  Disappear in the infinite ripples When my tears filled you up And your heartly voice became my lullaby. – Garima Stylus

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The evil fire that burns Inside the souls Let no one earns Dignity and they believe in folklores. Those myths, those harsh customs Ruined life of many Those scary tales I’ve heard From my granny. How hardships they had to face They were not allowed to fulfill The dreams they chased. In the name of […]