Her eyes are enough illusionary to dupe She has a talent to make you lost in the loop Her enchanting smile will give you thrills She dances in the sunshine like daffodils But she has a darker side So many secrets to hide Beware! Don’t chase her to death She will  definitely take away your breath. […]

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Come on let’s play a game Cross your fingers And say my name Close your eyes Until I hide Then shout out loud To have me by your side Turn around Let’s lay on the ground Look what I see! Up high in the sky It seems like an angel Trust me I’m not lying…. […]

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If I say I’m losing my soul Will you, will you just make me feel alive? If I say I’ve written a song Will you sing it with me along the mile? My words may not sound that good But maybe they touch your heart touchwood. If you play the rhythm of your heart I’ll […]

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Don’t Fancy Me

I don’t want you to fancy me I don’t want you to see me Because I don’t want myself to remember The things you pretend to do  but you never I thought destiny has foresee Our love was meant to be But I was wrong Pretended to be strong To fight your fake love And […]

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The Last Chance

I only urged for the last chance The last chance was never granted It was all I ever wanted…. I think I deserved it For the way we preserved it For the love we had I hope the feelings never become dead… Just give me one last chance For we never faked our romance…. – […]

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Yes, I’m a logophile An admirer of words. Yes, I’m a bibliophile My thoughts fly like a bird. I don’t masquerade to be you I just write something known to few. The gargantuan cloud of my feelings Will cover up your mind’s ceiling. And when you will know Why I love these words? It maybe […]

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Walking alone On this endless path All I hear is  Hustling of leaves All I see is Dense forest and tall trees Strange winds passes by  Blows like it’s time to lay In the arms of invisible aura And keep on admiring the beauty of flora Building up new ideas and plots Giving rise to […]

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